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Serving the Essex Coastal Town of Brightlingsea

Register of members’ interests

The code below was adopted by the Town Council on Thursday 19th July 2012.
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You are a member or co-opted member of the Brightlingsea Town Council and hence you shall be committed to behaving in a manner, which is consistent with the following principles: -

• Selflessness

• Integrity

• Objectivity

• Accountability

• Openness

• Honesty

• Leadership

You must, when using or authorising the use by others of the resources of your authority, ensure that such resources are not used improperly for political purposes (including party political purposes) and you must have regard to any applicable Local Authority Code of Publicity made under the Local Government Act 1986.

You must promote and support high standards of conduct when serving in your public post, in particular as characterised by the above requirements, by leadership and example.

Registering and declaring pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests

You must, within 28 days of taking office as a member or co-opted member, notify your authority’s monitoring officer of any disclosable pecuniary interest as defined by regulations made by the Secretary of State, where the pecuniary interest is yours, your spouse’s or civil partner’s, or is the pecuniary interest of somebody with whom you are living as a husband or wife or as if you were civil partners and of which you are aware.

Even if an interest has been entered in Brightlingsea Town Council’s register of Members’ Interests or formal notification of the interest has been given to the Monitoring Officer of Tendring District Council (TDC) via the Town Clerk, then you must disclose the interest to any meeting of the authority at which you are present, where you have a disclosable interest in any matter being considered and where the matter is not a ‘sensitive interest’ (*).

Following any disclosure of an interest not on Brightlingsea Town Council’s register or the subject of pending notification, you must notify the  TDC Monitoring Officer via the parish clerk of the interest within 28 days beginning with the date of disclosure.

Unless dispensation has been granted, you may not participate in any discussion of, vote on, or discharge any function related to any matter in which you have a disclosable pecuniary interest as defined by regulations made by the Secretary of State.  Additionally, you must observe the restrictions Brightlingsea Town Council places on your involvement in matters where you have a pecuniary or non pecuniary interest as defined by your authority.

If you are at a meeting of the authority and the business or matter under consideration involves another organisation in which you have a decision-making role or where you can influence its finances, you are required to disclose the nature and extent of your interest in it so that the public and others present at the meeting have confidence in the fairness and transparency of the proceedings.

If you are at a meeting of the council and have a pecuniary interest in the business under consideration, which is a disclosable pecuniary interest or an interest which a member of the public with knowledge of the relevant circumstances is likely to consider would distort your judgement of the public interest, you must disclose the interest.

(*) A ‘sensitive interest’ is described in the Localism Act 2011 as a member or co-opted member of an authority having an interest, and the nature of the interest being such that the member or co-opted member, and the authority’s monitoring officer, consider that disclosure of the details of the interest could lead to the member or co-opted member, or a person connected with the member or co-opted member, being subject to violence or intimidation.