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Serving the Essex Coastal Town of Brightlingsea

Town Hard and Harbour



The councillors responsible for the Town Hard and the Harbour in Brightlingsea are Dennis Ingate and Ben Smith.

Reports on these areas can be found below.

Town Hard & Harbour – January 2018

Posted on Jan 19, 2018 in Town Hard & Harbour

Hard & Harbour (Councillors Ingate and Smith) Cllr Smith chaired a meeting on 11th January with regard to Rubbish problems on the Hard. Cllr Steady also attended along with representatives from TDC, CYC and BTC. While there is no problem during the winter months black bin bags and other rubbish is left adjacent to the litter bin at the end of the town jetty which is emptied by BTC while other litter bins are hardly used. It was agreed that TDC would provide additional temporary bins during busy weekends in the summer in liaison with CYC,...

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Town Hard & Harbour – May 2017

Posted on Aug 14, 2017 in Town Hard & Harbour

Following complaints about metal dust coming from the Olivers Wharf a visit was arranged with Councillors Ingate, Smith and Judson to observe the loading of scrap onto the Wilson Algeciras. Our visit was preceded the day before by the environment agency. It was noted that, surrounding the area storing the scrap metal, there is a wall of containers two high (soon to be extended to three) which act as a barrier to shield the area beyond the wharf. On top of this wall are high level sprinklers which whilst not in operation on the day, could be...

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February 2016 – Town Hard

Posted on Apr 11, 2016 in Town Hard & Harbour

There have been a number of meetings between Councillors, Harbour Commissioners and Harbour Users regarding charges related to the hard. All parties have contributed to positive discussions. The new agreement between the Council and Harbour Commissioners is progressing, slowly, and will be put to Council when the draft is ready. The annual meeting with the Harbour Commissioners will be held in the Autumn to receive their report and to set the charges for the 2017 season.

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January 2016 – Town Hard

Posted on Jan 28, 2016 in Town Hard & Harbour

Following the sudden and very sad death of Steve Chick, Harbour Master, there will be some disruption to the proposals for maintenance of The Hard.  However, the newly appointed Deputy Harbour Master, David Boughton, will take on the day-to-day duties in the Harbour while the Chairman of the Harbour Commission will be and Executive Chairman until they have decided the operational set up for the future. Council is waiting for more information from the County Council and Land Registry.

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September 2015 – Town Hard

Posted on Sep 21, 2015 in Town Hard & Harbour

Following the recent Freedom of Information request, documents were collected and an answer supplied. The contract between the Harbour Commission and the Council is being revisited and a new one will be drawn up.

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Town Hard – August 2015

Posted on Aug 24, 2015 in Town Hard & Harbour

The Wall – The wall proposal is no more! See Town Clerks report for FOI letter received.

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July 2015 – Town Hard

Posted on Aug 1, 2015 in Town Hard & Harbour

The Harbour Commissioners invited me to attend the first part of their recent meeting to introduce themselves and for us to exchange information . I found it helpful. The proposals for stopping silting in the Marina was presented at an exhibition in the Council Chamber and comments listened to. Councillors will be aware that it would be unwise to make any statements on what they think of the proposals prior to an application for planning permission being received from TDC for discussion and comment at a meeting of our own Planning Committee....

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June 2015 – Town Hard

Posted on Jul 13, 2015 in Town Hard & Harbour

Since the first meeting of this Council, I have had a meeting with the Harbour Master, had discussions with the Mayor and Cllr Yallop on the perceived problems with charges for use of The Hard. We have consulted the Council’s solicitor to gain clarification of some points at issue. The Mayor, Cllr Yallop, the Town Clerk and I have had a meeting with one of the people who feel hard done by over the charges and are seeking an early solution to these problems.

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April 2015 – Town Hard

Posted on May 12, 2015 in Town Hard & Harbour

The washing of the Hard area has been a fantastic success and has created possibly 200% more launching space. Apart from looking better it is much better for all, especially from a health & safety point of view. Following last months Council meeting and specific questions relating to the Hard area, The Mayor held a public meeting (March 30) to listen to points from residents. Most Councillors attended as did 60/80 residents. Some points were taken away by our solicitor and I believe that his report has been received and read by all. At...

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March 2015 – Town Hard

Posted on Mar 23, 2015 in Town Hard & Harbour

Following last months Council meeting and specific questions we have tried to answer all directly. We have asked our solicitors to respond to some points. The Mayor wanted to hold a meeting with users once all the solicitors’ reports are received. I suggest dates of 30 March or 31 March in evening at 07.30 hours. These dates are available and most importantly will be after the two annual meetings held by the Harbour commissioners of the commercial users group [24/03/15] and safety and tourism group [26/03/15]. Can those councillors who want...

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