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Brightlingsea Open Air Swimming Pool – update

Brightlingsea Open Air Swimming Pool – update

The swimming pool issue has been on going throughout the summer and it has been well publicised that discussions are on-going regarding the future of the pool.

After Tendring District Council highlighted remedial works which needed to be carried out, the priority was to ensure the at the pool opened for this season. To that end the Town Council came to an agreement with Tendring District Council that it would carry out the remedial works and that Tendring District Council would cover the running costs for the season.  This was achieved successfully and there are on going discussions to formulate a plan for the future management of the pool.

Proposals were put forward to Tendring District Council to see if the pool could remain open longer due to the weather being hot.  Unfortunately, due to staffing arrangements, this was not possible.

 A more detailed report will be given at the Town Council meeting on Thursday 15th September.